What do you think about the combination of Lego and Minecraft? Sounds terrific, right? Then, don’t be hesitant to set foot into LegoCraft! The sandbox world, at present, is beautified by colored and eye-catching blocks that take its inspiration from Lego update! Accompany us to the playground instantly!

Destroying and gathering collect many different types of blocks are what you mainly to consider. Wonder the reason? They are just an essential source you can use to build everything in the future. Hence, try best to store them as many as possible! The next task revolves around crafting robust weapons and tools by learning recipe from the Inventory! For something weird and confusing, seeing all tutorials introduced by LegoCraft is always advised!

We wish you luck and happy with LegoCraft!

How to play

ASDW keys: Move around.
The Spacebar key: Jump over.
The Left/Right Click: Place or Mine items.
The I key: Open the Inventory.
The 1-9 keys: Opt for the item slots.
The T key: Throw items.
The C key: Add trees.


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