MarioCraft html5

MarioCraft html5

Hello, everyone! You’ll be dazzled when being invited to enjoy a splendid mixture of Minecraft and Super Mario, called MarioCraft html5. And helping Mario to survive in the horrifying Minecraft realm is your ultimate task! Be stronger, my dear players!

Mario has nothing, you know! That’s why you should help him build a shelter as he needs something to live and stay firstly! Direct him somewhere to mine and congregate items. Later, set up what he’s gathered in a tactical slot where the glorious building can be created. Make sure that you don’t ignore the process of crafting other needful tools and weapons by taking out any item from the Inventory! Just conduct something useful and essential to save the resources! Wait for a minute! The main character can face up to other man-eating creatures. Be careful!

Wish you clever and luck in MarioCraft html5!

How to play

Go around: WASD keys.
Jump over: The Spacebar key.
Place/Mine vital items: The left or right mouse.
Open the Inventory: The I key.
Opt for item slots: The 1 – 9 keys.
Throw items: The T key.
Add trees: The C key.


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