Mine Block html5

Mine Block html5

Mine Block html5 is just a new style of Mine Block. Why do I say that? The reason is that the game is played on the 3D background. You might be shocked with giant blocks in the grandiose world! Here we come!

Like other its original versions, the game merely requires its participants to mine and congregate the superb resources, craft the loved materials through the Inventory, build the mighty shelters, and walk around the game map to discover the landscapes. One thing, which could even make your action more difficult, is that the website might disable your cursor for sure! Don’t feel anxious! We believe you are competent enough to overcome all the hassles with easy!

Oh, never overlook all the instructions provided by Mine Block html5! We hope you are happy, cheerful, and joyful!

How to play

Travel around: WASD keys.
Jump over: The Spacebar key.
Place/Mine vital items: The left or right mouse.
Open the Inventory: The I key.
Select item slots: The 1 – 9 keys.
Throw items: The T key.
Add trees: The C key.


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