Mine Caves

Mine Caves

Let us give you new breath by inviting you all to Mine Caves – a new Minecraft-based style! The game revolves around an expedition of a Minecraft Ninja, who likes something new and weird. Let’s go!

The Ninja finally decided to unearth a lost mine. He is thirsty for an amount of loot to have his old shelter well rebuilt. To help him, just consider fulfilling the 2 in-game tasks! The first revolves around walking somewhere in the cave to assemble all sparkling gems! Then, find the exit gate to run out of the place! The Mouse or the Arrow/WASD keys are all acceptable to control the protagonist. On the spellbinding journey, it is highly advisable to dodge any danger ahead, such as traps, bats, etc. Otherwise, his lives can reduce soon!

The guy is really eager with this trip. How about you? Prove your talent by entering Mine Caves with great confidence!

How to play

The mouse or Arrow/WASD keys: Enjoy the game.

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