Minecraft Dash html5

Minecraft Dash html5

Steve is now waiting for your participation during the charming scene of Minecraft Dash html5! What’s up? He wishes to delve deeper into the world of Minecraft to satisfy his passion and curiosity. Help him smoothen over the expedition right now!

While looking for raw materials, the little boy does not even know that a big rock is rolling towards him. Remind him of escaping from the rock as soon as possible; otherwise, he may be put to death. Meanwhile, it is also better to dodge other obstacles along the way. Hey, don’t forget to keep Steve jumping over any hole, or the game is instantly over! Eight levels are what the game wants its joiners to overcome well! The higher level you take part in, the faster the rock rolls. Let us see your true ability!

Hope that fortune smiles on you, dear players! Happy time with Minecraft Dash html5!

How to play

Assist Steve in leaping over the barriers by clicking the mouse or touching the screen.


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