Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

Accompany Steve in a thrilling expedition to the Paper Minecraft now! Why does he want to discover this dangerous area? Just satisfy his curiosity and challenge his braveness!

What to do now as his companion? Simply get assured that his life is still preserved in the last journey! How? First, instruct our Minecraft boy to roam around somewhere. What for? Search for a hot slot to set up construction. Mining precious resources (rocks, sand, stones, wood, and so on) is the next step. Make use of such the raw materials to build a gorgeous structure. Has your building already been done? Don’t mind decorating it with a few colorful items. Along with that, designing a pretty garden full of grasses, flowers, and trees is also a good idea! How to boost Steve’s health? Just hunt sheeps!

Do whatever you like within Paper Minecraft! Have a memorable time!

How to play

The mouse: Mine blocks.
WASD keys: Move, swim, and jump.
E key: Open the Inventory.

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Paper Minecraft, 8.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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