Sentry Knight Conquest

Sentry Knight Conquest

Join in Sentry Knight Conquest if you would like to enjoy a defense game. It mainly revolves around a knight who is assigned to discover and conquer a new world. There is no time to hesitate anymore! Let’s go!

The main goal here is to guide the character through many difficulties and protect him from all coming dangers. Move him somewhere around the game map. If encountering any monster, he should be controlled well to slaughter them all by the given sword. It is also a nice idea to lead him to the Inventory where he may be strengthened with a lot of useful power-ups. Along the way, remember to save pets that can assist him in battling against the stronger monsters!

Sentry Knight Conquest becomes an ideal place for you to get full experience of the knight’s trip! Play and enjoy it right now!

How to play

Shoot with the left mouse.
Go around with the ASDW keys.


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