Street Fighter 2 CE

Street Fighter 2 CE

Take some time to play Street Fighter 2 CE as it is on the list of top-ranked games in the world! What leaves you enthralled is the more interesting characteristics from the fighting game. Here we are!

First of all, consider choosing a character of your favorite, such as Ryu, Honda, Sagat, Blanka, Chun-li, Ken, etc. Each hero is trusted to have their own styles and fighting skills. After that, guide him how to use his skills and ability to beat the gruesome opponents in each level. After the 3rd match, the winner will be led to engage in a “bonus game” so as to get extra points, i.e. car-breaking, drum-breaking as well as barrel breaking!

Street Fighter 2 CE becomes a good chance to show what you have! Don’t be sad if you lose in the first match. Practice makes perfect, trust that!

How to play

Go everywhere by the arrow keys.
Punch with the SDF keys.
Kick with the XCV keys.


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