World’s End Chapter 2

World's End Chapter 2

If the series of World’s End draws your attention for a long time, then its new update, called World’s End Chapter 2 will surely blow your mind. Enter the game and explore it on your own now!

There are many former characters in this strategy RPG. And the objective is to help them complete all the in-game tasks well. Make sure to guide Casimir, Floric, and Ysabel to run out of the hostile base by getting through the exit gate. Don’t worry! Each hero is blessed with different skills. While one can create special items, others are able to throw darts/knives. Smartly use these skills to confuse these enemies. The best way to win a victory is to form a wonderful strategy on how to face up to those hostiles successfully.

Hope that World’s End Chapter 2 is a good choice for you to improve your fighting skills. Have a fun moment!

How to play

The left mouse: Navigate the game.


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