Abandoned turns to be an ideal space for those who want to demonstrate their intellect and forensic ability to settle. This puzzle game never let you down for sure! Get willing to unearth its content? Let’s discover!

The game’s story is mainly taking place in a parallel world where everything is weird and unfamiliar. That is Jack, who has lost in the zone for many days. The man wants to escape from here as soon as possible because he cannot stand anymore! As his guide, you must use your intelligence to figure out the exit gate. To do that, the first job is to search for any important clues scattered on the ground. Next, brilliantly think and apply your logical analysis to place such the congregated clues in the suited place so that a few tools are activated and the exit gate is opened. How difficult that task is! Try best!

We believe that you can win Abandoned as you are an excellent player! Good luck!

How to play

The left mouse is controlled to savor the game.


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