Adventures Of Knight

Adventures Of Knight

You’re tasked with an important mission throughout Adventures Of Knight! What is that? Enter the 3D adventure game for more information right now!

The game’s story tells about the knight whose sweetheart is a beautiful princess. Once day, she is captured in a scary tower at the peak of a mountain because the King – her father – never approve of their love. That’s why the knight decides to reach the tower and free his lover. Becoming his instructor is ultimately your task at present! First of all, please steer him along with his horse so that he’s able to knock out all the guards, keep all the obstacles under control and gather all the colored gems. The next important task is to come close to the tower and rescue the princess. Don’t forget to use various blocks to jump over the high walls.

Have much fun with the interface of Adventures Of Knight! Nice moments!

How to play

Go around with the arrow keys.
Launch attacks with the spacebar key.


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