After The Credits

After The Credits

Before playing After The Credits, you should keep in mind that the in-game task is not easy to fulfill! It’s about slaying all of the invaders and protecting the universe from the great destruction. Let’s go!

The main character is Bill, and he needs your support. He is on the way to slaughter a giant monster that captures a lost princess in a scary place. How to help him? First, direct him how to move, jump, and use a powerful gun. It is also necessary to avoid their counter-attacks. Once detecting their appearances, you must quickly aim and shoot fireballs at them to death. The best way to enter the final stage and see the Boss is to deal with all the obstacles ahead. Try best to crush down it into pieces and bring the princess back to the castle.

Let’s make your experience thrilling and unforgettable through After The Credits. Good luck!

How to play

Move around: The arrow keys.
Jump: The Z key.
Shoot: The X key.


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