Age Of War 2

Age Of War 2

Ignoring Age Of War 2 seems a pity since the game is very special. Wonder the reason? Most of you might have been familiar with modern batters with a sufficient number of tanks, guns, launchers, battleships, cannons, bombs, and other equipment items, right? So, it’s sure that you’ll feel engrossed with an ancient war in the prehistoric time. Come here to learn more about the game’s idea instantly!

Carrying unique colors, the ancient war impresses you quickly. Cavemen, for instance, become main warriors, while dinosaurs are considered the knights’ horses and traditional weapons and equipment items here include cold steels, rocks, logs, fire, etc. Your main work, at that time, is to control the home troop of cavemen so that they may destruct the opposing fortress while still preserving the home base’s energy. Taking advantage of specials and upgrades is always encouraged.

It’s time to go and visit Age Of War 2 now!

How to play

The only key to manage the game is the mouse.


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