Age of Wonder : Scrolls

Age of Wonder : Scrolls

Hey, it is terrific to know that Age of Wonder: Scrolls is accessible to enjoy! Get yourself ready to partake in the board game here now!

The game tells about an old guy who is assigned to transfer all the magic scrolls to the people in the Fairyland. The King here wants to announce an urgent thing. Of course, he calls for contribution as he cannot fulfill the task alone! You must find effective ways to toss such the scrolls to the neighbors without interacting with any obstacles ahead. Otherwise, they may be surely burnt down. During the process, you can face up to a lot of tough obstacles, such as spike traps, flames, planks, walls, etc. Skillfully switch the scrolls with other tools to have any hard situation under control. One important thing is that the number of scrolls is limited!

As a magnet, Age of Wonder: Scrolls does make you irresistible and addicted!

How to play

Only the mouse: Throw the scrolls.


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