Alpi Craft

Alpi Craft

To satisfy its crazy fans’ need, Minecraft continues launching a new creative game – Alpi Craft. Get ready to explore a snowy land in the game? Tap the Start button, guys!

Coming to the playing field, gamers will be dazzled by its 3D graphics and cool features. During the process of building, the primary task is to set up many exciting buildings in order to bring a quite new look to this huge land. Firstly, use 2 tools (spatula & axe) to do the mission. While the axe is applied to mining blocks for the essential resources (brick, grass, sand, etc.), the spatula is useful for placing the materials on the ground. Bear in mind to enter the Inventory to bring such the items out. Put those chosen blocks in a compatible position to build a magnificent structure.

Hope that you will accomplish your dreamland in Alpi Craft soon!

How to play

Arrow keys/WASD keys: Move.
The spacebar: Jump.
The mouse: Move + Place the blocks.
The R key: Change the tools.


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