American Racing

American Racing

American Racing is believed to help you engage in one of the most breathtaking competitions in the world without traveling! What we talk about is the race tournament! Here we come!

You are allowed to do many cool activities after entering the game, ranging from getting into the car, balancing the wheel, to zooming ahead, revving the engine, and driving to the final destination. It is easy to recognize that other vehicles are also controlled by skilled and excellent competitors. That’s why you should keep yourself conscious and focused to keep them all under control. It is also significant to avoid other barriers along the tracks so that your vehicle will not be damaged and broken down.

American Racing becomes a good chance for players to show off their skills and essence for sure. Hope that you will be satisfied with the final result! Here we are!

How to play

Go around by the ASDW keys.Boost the bar by the spacebar key.


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