Angry Gran Run Halloween

Angry Gran Run: Halloween

While everyone is eager to prepare crazy and lavish decorations for the upcoming Halloween, Gran is sad because she has no permission to go out of the asylum. Today, she wants you become her guide, who can help her escape from the hospital and enjoy the Halloween scenery. Land on Angry Gran Run Halloween for the commencement!

Look! She is running out of the asylum with fast speed! What you must do is to assist the woman in avoiding all dangers and obstacles along every spooky road of the city. Bashing punks rewards her with loot! In detail, let her run along all the pathways until she reaches the final destination without encountering any scary item. Collect tons of treasure skulls, remember! Along the way, there are also some three-way crossroads. Instruct her how to turn at the proper time and in the right direction; otherwise, our poor woman might smash against walls.

Happy playing with Angry Gran Run Halloween! Good luck!

How to play

The up & down arrow keys: Jump & slide.
The AD keys: Lean left and right.
The left and right arrow keys: Turn.


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