Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run

The boring and stuffy asylum does make Angry Gran depressed, as she loves enjoying the life full of activities. That’s why she makes no scruple to leave and experience an exciting travel around her city. Running without awareness, she cannot know what dangerous things are waiting for her ahead. Become her clever controller by entering Angry Gran Run right now, dear all players!

Every player is required to finely maneuver Angry Gran while she’s moving on the city’s paths so that she might evade all obstructions ahead and come to the final destination safely. There is one terrifying thing to remember. That is her speed may not be well controlled by herself. Please swiftly, skillfully, smartly, and alertly keep her far away from such the above dangers at the proper time.

We hope that you will be her best choice in this tough situation! Enjoy Angry Gran Run with ease!

How to play

Turn by the left and right arrow keys.
Jump or slide by the up and down arrow keys.
Lean right or left by the X or Z key.


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