Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena

We all know that there are 4 essential elements – Air, Fire, Earth, and Water – in the Universe! Wish to know how to control them all smoothly? Avatar Arena is a great choice! Besides, a fierce war here is just waiting for your support! Come on!

At the beginning, choose a power you wish to possess and customize your character of favorite. Later, bring him to the Training area. Thanks to this basic course, he’ll quickly know how to use his latent power proficiently. Get ready? Okay, land on the Tournament to face up to 20 strong opponents. Try to achieve a victory by expressing your fighting skills and tactics once struggling against the rival in each round. Beat them up to achieve a grand reward! It is worth pointing out that all secrets of martial arts should be learnt by heart, because they play a vital role in the combat!

Avatar Arena is not just about struggling for survival, but also about preserving your life! Have enough confidence to join in the gameplay? Good luck!

How to play

The arrow keys: Direction.
The Spacebar key: Attack.


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