Battle Gear 2

Battle Gear 2

Wow, it is incredible! Battle Gear 2 – the second version of Battle Gear series – has been introduced! It’s time to prove selves, dear all players!

At that time, the key goal here is to take a role of a smart captain who will lead your army to the gorgeous victory. What should do step be step? Firstly, opt for a terrain of favorite (sea, ground, air, or more) to begin the war. Taking a look at the bottom, and you can see different types of weapons & units. Don’t hesitate to pick, and then send your own army to the battle. They’ll automatically assault the opponents’ base. Recruit more soldiers, remember! The more rivals you destroy, the much more money will be added to the outcome. Surprisingly, fulfill all of the required duties to gain big support.

No time to be reluctant any more! Battle Gear 2 can strengthen your fighting ability and leadership skill. Happy time!

How to play

Control the game by your mouse only.


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