Beez stands out as a simple but striking idle game, where you are only asked to click and click! To know more information about how to play, enter the playfield right away!

Today, you are required to gather much money from cells as well as distract hives! At the centerpiece is a prominent cell that you should hardly click on so as to fill the honey. Continue clicking till every cell is upgraded! Once a honey cell is just clicked, then the process of upgrade is automatically done. Draw attention to the current level and XP process bar (at the top of the screen), as well as the money bar (at the left side). Your gathered money should be spent on cells, bees, upgrades, and layers. Furthermore, try to concentrate on money, XP, hives, level, and colony strength.

Believe that you may achieve high scores and win the playfield of Beez? So, let’s give the game a try now! Have a fun time!

How to play

The left mouse is only held to control the game.


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