Big Dig:Treasure Clickers

Big Dig:Treasure Clickers

The chance of becoming a rich person is now on your hand provided that you engage in Big Dig: Treasure Clickers! The game’s content is all about digging and accumulating treasures. It seems a pity to let this chance slip out of your hand for sure! Go now!

At present, the first job is related to digging treasures (gold coins and sparkling stones) by launching clicks on panels of the grid. What’s next? Visit the town to exchange these stones for money. After collecting enough money, you should consider buying beneficial tools for mining and earning other valuable treasures. Of course, there are also many imposing good deals for you to choose once coming to the shop!

The only way to be wealthy in the future is to try best to mine everything precious under the ground. Let Big Dig: Treasure Clickers fulfill your dream for sure!

How to play

The game is only controlled by using the left mouse.


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