If you are on the way to find a few chances of honing your firing skill, never get rid of Bloons – a shooting game. Believe it or not, a pack of interesting but challenging levels here is what you want to experience and unearth. Come on!

What is the main task in each level? You’re encouraged to detonate a requested number of colorful balloons. To know this number, simply throw your eyes towards the Target at the bottom. Though the darts are considered the only weapon to deal with the task, they are also limited. Therefore, smartly make use of this limit to accomplish the quest excellently. Sometimes, a few power-ups are also released from devastating the first balloons; thus, nothing is better than taking advantage of them to finish the mission more ideally.

Bloons does become the best spot for any future marksman to hone and express their talent. Try it now!

How to play

Control everything in the game by the left mouse.


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