Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2

Hey, are you ready to enjoy the 2nd update of Bomb It, called Bomb It 2? Take a time to search out for many interesting things from the game right now! Here we go!

You will not be bound to feel disappointed after setting foot on the playfield of Bomb It. The new game’s main target is to control the movement and behaviors of a little robot so that he’s able to destruct obstacles, crush down all enemies, uncover and gather other power-ups inside the mazes. Each of the mazes consists of Shields, Speed Boosters, Hammers, Landmine, Extra Life, Laser guns, Shotguns, Frogs, Rockets, and others. Such the items are useful in many situations while the character is walking around the maze, remember!

A lot of charming features are available in Bomb It 2 to attract many people. Don’t miss it!

How to play

The arrow/ASDW keys: Move around.
The spacebar key: Drop bombs.


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