Boule And Bill

Boule And Bill

Boule And Bill stands out as a hot and alluring for worldwide kids. It’s all about an adventure of Bill, who is fond of collecting every sparkling coin in the air. Sounds terrific, right? Get ready to partake in the trip and experience everything spectacular with the protagonist? Go now!

At present, each joiner is in charge of steering Bill along many different paths around the city’s park so that he’s able to seize all the coins hanging in the air. With a considerable number of coins, it is possible to unlock new features. Don’t forget that lots of obstacles, like riders, dogs, cars, dark holes, rocks, planks, and more are also available on these paths. Just smash against one of them, the game rapidly comes to an end.

No time to hesitate anymore! Bill is now eager to set the expedition in motion. How about you? Land on Boule And Bill instantly.

How to play

The arrow keys are hit to run.


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