Box Head – More Rooms

Box Head - More Rooms

Box Head – More Rooms has just been added to our site; thus quickly come here to see how breathtaking it is! See! Countless zombies should be all killed before everything becomes too late.

Wow, a lot of rooms are available here! Select one and then imagine it to be the battleground where a war will happen soon. At first, get self full-prepared! After that, the undead will move towards you in different ways. Well, they’re highly crowded; hence, the effective methods to protect self here grabbing the gun, walking to the room, and then shooting at such the incoming zombies. The more baddies are defeated, the more points players will gain. Don’t forget to avoid colliding with them, or the game will come to an end instantly. Are you smart and clever enough to handle their tricky traps, guys?

Join in Box Head – More Rooms to fulfill all of the missions! Good luck!

How to play

Move: The arrow keys.
Use the gun: The Spacebar key.
Switch weapons: The 0 – 9 keys.


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