All fellows! Pack your bags and join with us in CastleMine – an addicting TD game – right now! You’ll get a chance exploring a mysterious cave. Don’t waste time anymore!

Once landing on the beautiful Kingdom in this game, the players need to help the King protect the Castle from the goblins’ invasion. Bear in mind, the enemies will attack their target via a dark tunnel underground. Quickly take action, guys! First of all, dig a wavy path by breaking all unnecessary blocks. Then, build a firm defensive fence by purchasing few towers with the available money. Think wisely before place them on the ground. Whenever the hostiles appear, the protection system will fire bullets towards them automatically. Collect scattered items and coins to upgrade the power of your defending fence, remember! Press Hint in case you have troubles, ok?

What’re you thinking? Just simply access to CastleMine and relish this joyful game!

How to play

Avail the mouse to deal with the tasks.


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