Cloud Worlds

Cloud Worlds

Have you traveled to a place full of fluffy clouds? Now, land on Cloud Worlds to design your own structures! Don’t waste your valuable time, guys! The Minecraft land is waiting for your discovery.

Once again, we get a chance to visit the 3D world in Minecraft. Why people call this place Cloud World? When setting foot in this place, they feel like they’re standing in heaven. Now, it’s your exploration time! The chief mission in this game is to set up your fascinating buildings. Many choices are offered to you, i.e. constructing the house on the ground, on the cloud, underwater, or more. Travel around and select the nicest place to carry out the constructing process. Next, gather vital materials (coal, iron, sand, etc.) and use them for the house and a garden. Players can also create a river, a lake, or anything they love. Finally, decorate the shelter with flowers and trees.

Will you accomplish the structures in Cloud Worlds perfectly? Good luck to you!

How to play

Hit WASD to move.
Use the mouse to build.
Press R to change tools.


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