Coaster Racer 2

Coaster Racer 2

It is time to discover a crazy race of Coaster Racer 2, players! The game not only impresses you by its colorful theme, but it is also a good chance to sharpen your driving skill! Here we come!

Today, you are required to complete a series of challenging levels. First of all, opt for your best-loved car or bike. Then, control it in an excellent way so that it can overcome all opponents on the route or at least it may accomplish the requirement. While driving, every player is also offered Nitro Booster. However, it is better to wait for a while before activating it. Remember to gather as much money as possible and buy other useful upgrades for your vehicle.

Coaster Racer 2 is now waiting for your performances. So, don’t hesitate any longer! Try best!

How to play

Move by the WASD keys or arrow keys.
Start the Nitro by the N or X key.
Show freestyle moves by M or Z key.


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