Contra Flash

Contra Flash

Don’t miss a chance to enter Contra Flash, dear all! With just one click, you’re totally able to experience something special and cool!

During the game, it’s up to you to take a role as Bill or Lance. Use your magnificent skill to guide the picked character to penetrating into the rivals’ organization. At first, instruct him how to see the final destination and destroy all horrible foes. Use the gun to aim & shoot at them correctly! Of course, they’re totally able to counter-attack you any time; thus, be careful, please! Don’t forget to gather scattered medals along the path, since they play a huge role in improving the power & energy for Bill/Lance.

Have any chance to confront the final boss? It’s time to show off your talent by landing on Contra Flash!

How to play

Player 1: Make use of the ASDW keys to move and the JK keys to take action.
Player 2: Apply the arrow keys to move and the 1 & 2 keys to attack & jump.


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