Craft Shooting

Craft Shooting

The combat between Minecraft habitants and disgusting zombies are breaking out. The story just started when the zombies suddenly attacked with the aim of conquering the whole Minecraft land. Luckily, Steve stands against their big destruction to rescue all the people here. Right now, you have a chance to become his loyal supporter by engaging in the gameplay of Craft Shooting! Let’s go!

The main point is that Steve is preparing for a gun and armor that can help him deal with all these hostiles. And your mission is to well control him so that he’s able to exactly aim and shoot at them. Further, the number of the dead enemies does reward you with precious bonuses. The big explosion can be boosted if you know how to apply such the bonuses ideally! Want to see the last score? Lead your eyes to the top of the screen, please!

Try best and good luck during the fierce battle of Craft Shooting!

How to play

Maneuver the game: Both the mouse and spacebar key.


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