Don’t overlook playing Crafting at this moment! Why? Find the answer by joining in here right away!

Crafting is trusted to play a vital role in Minecraft world. Especially when a character faces up to the foes, creating a powerful weapon is indeed a significant mission. Today, you’re highly advised to enter this cool game so that you can grasp how to craft an item. When taking a look at the Inventory, it’s easy to see many types of materials, right? Leading eyes towards the top, and you shall find an available item (weapon or tool). Your main target here is to search for appropriate ingredients to create Crafting recipe of the item. Use your memory to opt for the correct ones. Lastly, hit the Start button to see the result!

Can you finish the mission in the limited time? If so, set foot to Crafting and expose your talents instantly!

How to play

The game is primarily maneuvered by the left mouse.


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