Crazy Flasher 3

Crazy Flasher 3

Crash Flash has just come back to all addicts of action games. And Crazy Flasher 3 is what we want to mention at the moment. Set the game in motion now, all guys!

Such the action game is known as a death match whether many strong fighters are gathered around. You should keep the role as one of them and partake in this vicious arena. Hit keys on the keyboard to launch normal or special attacks on the foes until they are wholly defeated. Two main modes are available to enjoy, including Story Mode and Death Match. Earn a lot of money from each of the modes and then make deals on new equipment items and weapons for more challenges. You are surely shocked by the fighting stunts during the entire game.

Just let us see you are the best fighter in Crazy Flasher 3! Get ready? Come on!

How to play

Move with the ASDW keys.
Attack and jump with the BNM keys.
Interact with the game by the left mouse.


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