Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law

Crazy Flasher 5 :Andy Law

Get quick to make a resounding journey with Andy via Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law, dear gamers! What should do in this chapter? Time to find the answers!

Last night, his fellows were kidnapped & trapped in a cave by a group of unknown men. Today, players need to aid Andy in rescuing his friends, when it comes to the main task. Firstly, it’s a must to sneak into the rivals’ base. After that, use a sharp knife for attacking the hostiles, or he can be counter-attacked. Plus, the game also gives many useful boxes full of new weapons, like MP-4, cannon, etc. Kill bad guys as many as possible to earn money. With the earned funds, you should buy significant items and upgrades.

Try best in Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law! Good luck to you all!

How to play

WASD keys: Control Andy.
The mouse: Attack.
1-4 keys: Opt for weapons.
Spacebar: Interact.


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