Crazy Zombie V3.0

Crazy Zombie V3.0

The humans’ city of Crazy Zombie V3.0 is now encountering the very shocking news. A countless number of zombies are flocking into different buildings with the aim of killing everyone and destroying everything. At present, we need you – a real superhero – who can beat up these disgusting creatures to death It’s time to demonstrate your generous deeds! Here we come!

Because the action game is featured with the RPG element, you are firstly required to pick up one of the provided fighters for the commencement. Then, consider guiding the protagonist around the game map to begin the first campaign. See! The zombies are able to surround him from all directions! That’s why you should be focused and careful to evade them. The only target is to skillfully and excellently eliminate them all from the campaign to win a victory.

Try best to conquer Crazy Zombie V3.0!

How to play

Player 1.
UIOLKJ keys: Launch attacks.
ASDW keys: Move around.
Player 2.
Arrow keys: Walk around.
123456 keys: Launch attacks.


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