Creep Craft

Creep CraftToday, let’s start a new adventure through Creep Craft ! Forget about all the dangerous creepers before. Why? In this game, you need to protect a good creature from the zombie’s attack. Ready? There we come!

While traveling around the beautiful Minecraft land, a poor creeper suddenly entered the zombie’s place. Now, he’s looking for a hideaway. The players must help him escape from that terrified area. First, guide the creeper to collect wood and rocks in the forest, and then, instruct him to go to a crafting box and start crafting a sharp sword. Once having this weapon, he can confront the enemies easily. Keep in mind that the zombie only appears at night. By the way, try to kill pigs to get meat as the creeper can take the energy from that.

Are you ready to have a face-to-face battle with the zombie? Don’t hesitate to access to Creep Craft and take action!

How to play

Move: the arrow keys.
Break blocks and kill the zombie: spacebar.
Craft items: the mouse.


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