CubecraftsHi gamers! Are you interested in being an architect to build anything you desire? Join us in Minecraft to see how mysterious this world is. Once setting foot in Cubecrafts, you will be covered with a plenty of big cubes. Grab the pickaxe to destroy them and gather useful items such as brick, dirt, ore, coal, iron, wood plank, and so on. Walk around the land to choose a nice flat area. Place the items in the right position to build a house, a palace, a mansion, or anything you like. Add schools, churches, temples, markets, cinemas, stadiums, etc. to welcome the visitors around the world. Do not forget to plant trees, grass, flowers, lakes, ponds, mountains, and waterfalls to make the world more lively and eye-catching. Are you ready? Let’s go!


ASDW keys or arrow keys are for movement.
Space bar is to jump.
Use E key for inventory.
R key is to change the tools.
The mouse is to remove and lay the blocks down.


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