Death Squad

Death Squad

Our planet is now in danger as loads of aggressive hostiles plan to invade it. Nobody, but the Death Squad from the outer space may detain gruesome assault. As a member of the team, you also take a responsibility for protecting the world! Hurry up!

There are many important duties to do, ranging from crashing all the invaders, upgrading weapons & ships, to spending time in finding new tools. Without a doubt, the only way to win a victory is to accomplish all objectives by hook or by crook! Focus on 2 main modes: “Abilities mode” (gain the permanent bonuses) and “Stats & Achievements” (unearth something weird and exciting). It is encouraged to orderly follow all instructions in the game if you wish your journey ends flawlessly and successfully.

Got it? Have yourself dipped to Death Squad and save the world, dear gamers!

How to play

The game is just interacted with by availing the left mouse.


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