Hey, guys! Themed by Minecraft background, DefendCraft is indeed a valuable gift for all Minecraft fans! Get reading to become Steve’s companion within a marvelous block world? Here we are!

Be careful because here is depicted as the most horrifying place for any adventure. It is not hard to realize that hordes of creepy creatures appear to attack those trying to discover the world when the darkness falls. That’s why you must protect Steve from these aggressive hostiles. Please guide him how to walk and collect useful materials for survival in the land. A shelter or fortress should be built to hide, remember! Whenever the creepers are close to the main character, do best to avoid their assault. You have just 180 seconds to prepare for the upcoming combat! Never let the enemies’ darts touch Steve, or the game is over.

How long may Steve stay in the Minecraft world without any injury? Visit DefendCraft right away!

How to play

Move by the arrow keys.
Destroy blocks by the mouse.
Jump by the W key.


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