Disaster Will Strike 5

Disaster Will Strike 5

The latest update of Disaster Will Strike, namely Disaster Will Strike 5 is now close to you! It gives you a ticket to come back the past when birds’ eggs were the first things on Earth. But, everything dramatically changed after the dinosaurs’ eggs woke up. With a desire to become the owner, they tried best to kill all of birds’ eggs! Legend has it that only disasters might crush such aggressive eggs to death. But, who could control these disasters? Of course, no one, but you could do it!

There are many types of disasters out there that might destroy the dinosaurs’ ugly eggs. The target is to learn how to use and control them efficiently. Make sure to place the provided disasters in logical slots so that the enemies are all exterminated. However, please avoid damaging the birds’ egg.

Disaster Will Strike 5 comes with many levels. Are you able to keep all under control? How excellent you are! Let’s go!

How to play

Play the game with the mouse only.


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