Double Edged

Double Edged

Playing Double Edged is a tremendous choice for those who want to beat the free times! The awesome ancient-themed fighting game does get your attention due to a really stimulating story. What is that? Here we come!

The game is telling about a brave knight whose homeland is now under siege of many invaders. Thus, you should help him slay all of these hostiles to death. That is also the main target of the game! If the rivals go through the portal ideally, he fails, and the game is over. Nimbly get the sword on his hand activated and then maneuver him to the strategic positions to prevail over them. Keep self focused and alert since he can be suddenly assaulted any time. Slowly observe the whole game map to avoid their violent counter-attacks.

Have yourself full-prepared to set Double Edged in motion! We are waiting for your imposing performances!

How to play

Go around with the arrow/ASDW keys.
Attack and jump with the GH or “<>” keys.


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