Dragon Ball Fighting 2.6

Dragon Ball Fighting 2.6

Partake in Dragon Ball Fighting 2.6 – one of the awesome fighting games, dear all game addicts! You are surely dazzled by the most imposing kung fu performances from the game. Here we are!

Songoku is the main character, who is really famous in a Japanese manga, called Dragon Ball. You should take control of him so that he’s able to launch attacks on opponents and defeat them. It isn’t hard to maneuver his movement and action as you just use keys on the keyboard. The most importance is to hit each key at the proper time so that the best spectacular kung fu performances are shown and all of the enemies are beaten up.

Dragon Ball Fighting 2.6 is now ready for self-discovery. How about you? The game is a good chance to become the best fighter around the world, guys!

How to play

The ADSW/arrow keys are used to walk.
The 124356/KLJUIO keys are used to attack.


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