Dragon Ball Fighting

Dragon Ball Fighting

It’s easy to claim that you can find it hard to resist Dragon Ball Fighting – an action game about awesome kung fu performances! The game actually is just like a vicious and rigorous fighting competition where any participants in this arena are considered the weighty and aggressive fighters. It is yours, so nimbly enjoy it at the moment!

Before entering the arena, you should consider choosing one of the most talented fighters. Then, skillfully maneuver him to deal well with all the opponents when the competition officially begins. Such the opponents can release sudden counter-attacks on the protagonist anytime; that’s why you must carefully observe the surroundings as well as beware of their movement. Nothing is greater than expressing any terrific kung fu performances (i.e. dashing or smashing) to boost his fighting ability.

Dare to encounter the severe arena of Dragon Ball Fighting? How brave you are! Good luck!

How to play

Player 1.
Move with ASDW keys while attacking with the UIJKLO keys.
Player 2.
Walk with the arrow keys while assaulting with the 123456 keys.


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