Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Hey, guys! Have you ever read the comic book, like Dragon Ball? If so, you will be surely amazed by a fighting game, which takes its inspiration from the book! What I want to mention is Dragon Ball Z. Crush down your indecision and enjoy the game right now! Here we are!

There are 2 main fighters in this competition. The first one is directed by you, dear players! And the other one is directed by the computer. You should be smart and clever enough to take control over his fighter on the arena so that good attacks are launched on the opponent. In other words, please hit, punch, kick, smash, and knock out the enemy. It is easy to realize that there are 2 energy indicators for these 2 fighters. The loser is the one whose indicator runs out first, remember!

Take part in Dragon Ball Z and let’s go!

How to play

Jump with the spacebar key.
Move with the arrow keys.
Kick with the W key.
Use special attacks with A key.
Punch with the D key.
Use power-up with the E key.


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