Dream Car Racing Evo

Dream Car Racing Evo

Hey boys! Prove yourself by a riding game, called Dream Car Racing Evo now! It’s time to improve and express how good you are. Press the Start button now! Let’s play!

You are rewarded with 2 favors at that time. Spreading your eyes over a lot of splendid and awesome driving performances on the race is the first favor. And the next one is to design your best-loved vehicle. Wow! Don’t miss it! Do you see many different pieces of the car in the garage? It’s your job to combining them by using your cleverness and intellect so that the racing vehicle can be faster and more efficient. After the car is well done, swiftly join in the race to test your result. Try best to have a resounding result. Since the motorbike has something uncompleted and needs to be improved, always keep careful and focused while running on the unsmooth track. Crashing anywhere can put you in danger, remember!

Happy time with Dream Car Racing Evo!

How to play

Drive: WASD/arrow keys.
Activate the engine: Spacebar key.
Interact with the game: The left mouse.


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