Drink Beer Neglect Family

Drink Beer, Neglect Family

Welcome you all to Drink Beer Neglect Family right now! What you have to do in the game is surely revealed after you enter it. Wow! Come here!

Today, you should help a disillusioned man dink as many glasses of beer as possible. In fact, he has just been in disagreement with other family members, and he now feels bored and disappointed. He does not want to think of his beloved anymore by drinking beer. But, you should be careful! While drinking, he can encounter a negative effect, like blinking eyes, throwing up, movement limitation, and so forth. Stay focused since all of these effects are not good at all. For instance, if this guy feels dizzy, he is able to fall off the platforms. In addition, avoid any obstruction along the way, remember!

Play and conquer Drink Beer Neglect Family now!

How to play

Arrow keys: Move around, climb ladders, and drop down from bridges.
Z key: Jump.


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