Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare

One of the easiest ways to kill free time is to play games. Wonder which games to try? We recommend you to enjoy Dungeon Warfare – a TD type! If you are a loyal fan of this type, then come on!

Interestingly, players will become a dungeon lord whose responsibility is to control and protect the cave from the invasion of humans. What the lord does is to prevent these bad guys from reaching the entrance, or his health will decrease. How? First of all, spend money on a few superb turrets and traps. Secondly, rightly place them along the path so that your defensive system will attack any opponent to death after detecting their appearance. Continue buying new towers to improve the system’s power. Try to do the in-game tasks perfectly since you will be rewarded with diamonds or treasure.

Try best to play Dungeon Warfare! Happy time!

How to play

The left mouse is clicked to defeat the enemies!


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