Elephant Quest

Elephant Quest

Engage in Elephant Quest to help a little elephant overcome a tough situation, dear guys! A bully did take away his favorite hat and never returned. At present, he decides to make an adventure to retrieve his belonging. Lend him a hand now, players!

Containing a pack of many levels, the game requires its players to get through all so that the elephant can sneak into the bully’s hide-out and get back the hat. There are 2 portals in each stage. Cleverly control him to make the entrance to the first one. Next, help him conquer monsters, traps, and other obstacles. Do best to enter the exit portal so that the current level is nicely completed. Especially, monsters are harmful; thus it’s better to activate the weapon to slash them all as well as free way for him.

Enter Elephant Quest and become the elephant’s guide during his journey. Wish you all to succeed! Here we go!

How to play

The left, right, down, up arrow keys are tapped to move and activate the door.
The left mouse is used to interact with everything.


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