Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter

If your aim today is to hone your shooting skill, then nothing can beat Elona Shooter. Yes, the name of the game just says all what you want to know! Get ready to complete all of the in-game tasks, such as learning new skills, trading items, upgrading defenses, and recruiting more employees?

The ultimate goal here is to exactly aim and shoot at all enemies trying to sneak into your home bastion! A big shot should be launched to fire at all at them and get high scores. Aiming their head is a good way to get the bonus points. In order to get most of your fun, remember to reload it to add more ammo (through pressing the Spacebar key). Other special weapons in the game are said to have different shooting techniques. Here is a useful tip for those who want to complete their levels stunningly: That is to use the Bow Mastery – the arrows.

Let your ability come to light by entering Elona Shooter! Good luck!

How to play

The left mouse and spacebar key are all used to interact with the game.


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