Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle FantasyLet’s land on a beautiful village and support heroes to oppose against a troop of hostile critters! Reckon that you have enough ability in taking control of this battle? Come into Epic Battle Fantasy and uncover your true faculty now! Right now, players will become a ruler and instruct the best 2 heroes (Harold and Jean). Bring them to a forest for defeating the critters. Keep in mind that this is an antagonistic battle, so each of them will attack in turn. The heroes will start at first. Each will have different abilities and skills as Attack, Defend, Special, Sword, etc. Consult carefully and then choose one to assail. Try to give a wise choice to knock them out before they can counter-attack. Got it? Especially, whenever succeeding, let’s turn back to the village to purchase some essential things for the next battles. Time to act and wish you succeed!

How to play

All are controlled by the mouse.


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